Where Meals Meet Memories

Here's how the Crate Date experience works:

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Lets Customize your Crate

Crate Date™ offers themed meal kits with built-in entertainment for couples and families seeking unique at-home date nights or fun family nights. Whether it is a serving for 2 or a serving for 4 our meal kits have you covered

Freshness guaranteed with every delivery!

Using local farmers, we ensure our foods are always packaged with care to ensure that all safety standards are met, consistent with the FDA, USDA, and just about everyone else. Crate Date takes pride in utilizing a proprietary liner and packaging material that maintains safe and proper temperature control as well as shipping longevity.

Prepare, Savor, and Delight or Create, Taste, and Relish

Hey there! Are you having fun with a ready-to-cook Crate Date Meal kit, or are you getting beat in our interactive game? By now, you’ve treated yourself to top-of-the-line food and are enjoying some laughter and fun. These are the moments we live for. So, enjoy cooking and plenty of laughter! And hey, don’t forget to stir the chocolate in the fondue dish and indulge in a warm, yummy fondue dessert!

Don't throw away, allow all to Play

Crate Date promotes environmental sustainability by advocating for responsible recycling practices. It is our duty as inhabitants of this planet to prioritize recycling over contributing to pollution. We urge you to conscientiously recycle your boxes, bags, and ice packs to actively contribute to a healthier ecosystem.